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I’m focused on developer experience, altruism, and being a better Engineer (I try my best). The journey of self learning my way from the ground up has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. Head over to my LinkedIn/Twitter, if you want to connect with me professionally.

I’m looking for jobs that’d help me thrive, solve impactful problems, progress my career, and improve me as a human being.

Here’s my resume, if you are interested in hiring me.

I’m currently hacking away at my projects, tinkering with some code probably, solving problems, optimising solutions, removing bottlenecks.

I’m an engineer , with a degree in Electrical Engineering, though I’ve always been interested in computers. My first encounter with scripting, engineering (reverse engineering, more accurately) was figuring out how to get unlimited bullets in a single player mil-sim campaign game called Operation Flashpoint (by Bohemia Interactive). So, as a result I developed a simple util within cheat engine as my first program. This was all during high school when I had all the time in the world to tinker around.

After high school, I studied web app security for working inside public and private VDP’s (Vulnerability Disclosure Programs) on some popular platforms . It was at that time, while tinkering away day and night, where I understood my liking for Designing systems, Backend engineering and solving and problems and optimising solutions. I’ve been fortunate enough to be gifted with all the awareness I had during my engineering years, I focused mainly on clearing my major subjects and devoted rest of my attention learning more about backend systems, distributed systems, Distributed Ledgers. I’ve also done some work in mobile app development (using Flutter). In my evenings I like to read books and RFCs, write articles, code things, gaming, play guitar and spend time with some of my favorite people in life.

I’m into : Music production Audiophilia Guitars Custom mechanical keyboards CS:GO Valorant Factorio Retro Electronics Anime & Manga.

Other Stuff

Games I play (hey I’d love to talk with you if you think we enjoy similar games 💜)

Gear I use daily.

Neovim config I’m currently using

(if you’ve read THIS much about me, just head over to twitter and say Hi 👋, I’d appreciate it)